Ellen Please put me on dat Book Chat Show. I’ll Just die if I don’t get on dat Book Chat Show.

I’ve added a list of recommended books on the right hand side of the site below the places to subscribe for automatic updates and such.  I’m hoping to keep each list to about ten books.  Every book listed should be there without reservations.  You won’t see series like Jack Whyte’s very good, but not excellent, King Arthur (Skystone) series or Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, which starts out very strong and then languishes in plodding over-description hell.

I would love to receive some book comments and especially suggestions from you guys.  Please give me some suggestions.  I know you have several, Dan.

Four other things:  1.  How to See is a difficult to find book.  You used to be able to order it through http://www.DWR.com.  Anyone with even a passing interest in art and design or even in understanding it better, will be well served to check-out or buy this short, photo-packed book.  You can find some copies of it at Amazon.  I don’t know if all of them are from the newer (2000’s) color printing or the older (1970’s) B&W.  2.  Don’t bother sending recommendations for crappy Jane Eyre-like books.  Those suggestions will fall on deaf ears.  3.  I can’t use italics, bold or underline in the book list.  Sorry if it is a little hard to read.  4.  I’ll do a little review of On Writing when I finish it.  So far, it is great.


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