TotW: Sunroom Reorg

This week’s Thing of the Week is a repurposing of space.  This shop space didn’t have any dedicated scrap wood storage so I drew up a plywood box to put it in.  This consolidation frees up most of one wall for additional storage.  Next a vertical bike rack was designed to go on the wall where the scrap wood was stored.  Previously the bikes did not have a dedicated storage space and were constantly in the way.

The box is a very straightforward design with the front side at 18″ tall and the back at 36″.  It will be made out of 1/2″ plywood.

The bike rack will be a vertical 2″x4″ resting on a plywood base and attached to a roof rafter with screws.  Some sort of cover will be incorporated for the bikes as this room gets very dusty when the table saw is used.  I may treat it like a giant weighted shower curtain that attaches to the ceiling and drops straight down to the floor via pulleys.  I may spec two bike/motorcycle covers or maybe BBQ grille covers.  The room is white so I’d like to find a slick white fabric if I go the curtain route.  Maybe parachute material.

If you guys have any suggestions on how to handle the cover, I’m very interested.  I think having something that opens like a shower curtain will just get in the way.  Zippers will probably be too much work and could get clogged with sawdust.

I toyed around with packing the bikes in and having a small storage area above, but I didn’t like how the bikes would have to be supported to achieve this nor was the storage space all that useful.  I think the better bet will be having the cross member on the bike level (tilting the bike forward).  It will make for easier storage and easier and stronger supports.

I was surprised at how much time I spent on this redesign, but there were several options to consider.  I’ll post some pictures once the box and the bike rack are complete.

Also, for those waiting on images of the finished shelf from last week, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer.  I’m waiting until it warms up again just to make sure the finish cures quickly enough to minimize garbage getting stuck in it when it is tacky.

sunroom reorg1

sunroom reorg2

sunroom reorg3


3 thoughts on “TotW: Sunroom Reorg

  1. Not really. It is going to pretty much look like the attached drawings. It will be a very long 2×4 with a couple of shorter 2×4’s coming off like pegs to hold the upper bike. I’m trying to keep it as minimal as possible for cost and visual reasons. That room is very small and the less massive the stuff I put in there, the better.

    My first thought was to buy something like the hoist system in your link. Thanks for the suggestion. It would be affordable and I’m sure it would work well for that situation. However, I think it will be quicker and easier just to lift the bike up and hang it on some pegs so that’s why the other design won out in the end.

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