I’ve been using Photoshop since the olden days.  I think I started with version 1.0, but it could have been 2.0.  I know it was before layers were introduced.  I had seen it used for basic color correction, selection, cropping, etc. for a while and started using it for these reasons.  I never had any formal training with the program.

The aha moment is still crystal clear to me.  I could show you the exact spot in Smith Hall that it happened.  A studio mate had designed some sort of hammock and he wanted images of it in use.  The problem was that he couldn’t get some of the materials he needed to build the model with both the correct visual and structural properties so he had substituted some big fat rope for one part.  On his presentation board he had – you are never going to believe this – painted out the rope.  What?!  Impossible?!  How did you do that?!

He then proceeded to show me the magic of the clone tool.  I know, this is small potatoes today, but at the time it was mind expanding.  This program wasn’t just for cleaning up pictures.  It could be used for photo manipulation and image creation.  I would argue that today it is used more for the latter than the former.

I still use the program regularly.  If you’ve looked at any of the digital artwork I’ve posted at this site, it has all been done in Photoshop.  I regularly fool around with photos too.  Sometimes it is for a laugh and sometimes it is for work.  If you are interested having me do something like this for you, email me and I’ll happily give you a quote.  Please contact me before you send any images.  I don’t need to get mail bombed with hundreds of hi-res images.  🙂

Below is an example of an image I modified for a client.  As is often the case with children’s photography, these little wiggle worms couldn’t all be smiling in one picture.  The main objective was to combine the smiling head from one picture with the other two smiling heads from another picture.  I ended up making six modifications.  Can you spot them all?  Answers will be shown below the modified image so don’t read down there if you want to guess first.


1.  Color correction – remove green cast noticeable in hair and skin mostly

2.  New head for right kid

3.  Removed leaf on blanket

4.  Removed owie from right kid’s leg

5.  Removed two big leaves from lawn

6.  Lightened shadows on left kid’s face


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