TotW: Wood Storage Box

I bet you’d thought I’d given up on these.  Well, I haven’t.  I never posted pictures of the completed wood storage box that I discussed here.  It really makes my shop space look nicer, gives me more room to work and keeps things organized better.

I won’t be building the bike rack that I discussed in the previous post linked above.  Instead I’ve decided to pull the trigger and build a small shed in my backyard.  It will house my lawn and garden stuff as well as the bikes.  This will be great!  We have plenty of space for storage now, but we don’t have space for storage and a shop.  This will allow me to really use the garage rather than just pile stuff in there.  I can hardly wait to get started on it.  I just need to finish up our TV room end table.  Hopefully that will be the TotW for next week.  I designed it a while ago and started on it this morning.

Below are pictures of the finished wood storage box.  It is made from a single sheet of 1/2″ unfinished plywood to keep the weight down.  I used carpet tape to secure some scrap carpet to the bottom.  This helps keep floor moisture out of the wood, prevents it from scratching surfaces and makes it easier to move around when loaded.

Finished Box
Filled Box
Holds it All

3 thoughts on “TotW: Wood Storage Box

  1. Jason, Love the box. I think I need to put one together for the spare lumber in the garage. What fasteners did you use? How would L brackets and screws work to increase strength?

    Check out facebook, I have the finished pictures from the deck project (1 year in the making)

    1. I’m sure you could reinforce it with metal brackets, but I don’t think it is necessary. If you use yours like I use mine, almost all of the force is going straight down (unless you are yanking the box around your shop a lot). I used glue and finish nails and haven’t had any problems. Because I wanted the box to be light I used 1/2″ plywood so the nails had to be pretty small (about 4d) so the wood wouldn’t split. If I ever have a separation problem I’ll probably insert a backing block in the corners that I can screw into from two sides.

      At the time I thought it was going to be a somewhat worthwhile project, but now that I’ve had it for several months, I’m surprised at how much it has helped. Your comment gets me jazzed about posting some of my other projects. I’ve got a TV side table, my office furniture and a backyard shed that I need to get on here. Luckily my problem is that paying work is interfering with my updates. A nice problem to have!

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