TotW: Jaw Surgery Animation

Not all that long ago a friend of mine had jaw surgery to correct a severe under bite that prevented him from chewing with his front teeth.  First he had braces, then they did the surgery, then he had a small accident and had to have his jaw reset (Ouch!) and finally his braces came off.

I asked his wife to take consistent front and side view pictures of him throughout the process so I could use them as key frames in an animation showing his transformation.  You can view the animations below.  Probably the most interesting part for me is at the end when he morphs from his new face to his old one.  I’ve also included an image I photoshopped predicting what I thought he might look like after he was all healed up.


3 thoughts on “TotW: Jaw Surgery Animation

    1. I don’t think so. Maybe a little bit temporarily. As you can imagine, he got sick of eating liquefied everything. It is really weird how completely blending stuff changes the flavor – even of soup. We made him two different kinds of soup that were *a little* chunky normally but we had to make them completely smooth. It nullified some of the flavor.

      1. Another thing that would imply more weight loss than really took place is a change in camera angle between some of the shots (more telephoto in some than others).

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