Alert! First No-Prize Awarded!!

An exciting thing happened this morning!  We had our first contest winner!!  Known only to JP.C readers as “John,” this sharp-eyed individual correctly identified the CAD drawing of the lighsaber hilt mentioned in this article-lette!!!  Master Mundi would surely be proud!!!!  Bask in the accolades and back slaps you so richly deserve “John” and know that sometimes no-prize is the best prize of all!!!!!  NOTE:  It is a-ok for “John” to print, laminate and cut-out one copy of the no-prize to wear proudly as a medallion or use as a desk-cessory!!!!!!  DOUBLE NOTE:  Please seek an adult’s help whenever you plan to use scissors!!!!!!!

Now don’t be big babies and sore losers.  Jump into the comments section and congratulate “John.”


One thought on “Alert! First No-Prize Awarded!!

  1. w00t! Who needs a Stan Lee No-Prize when you can have a Chewbacca No-Prize?!

    I’d like to thank the (Jedi) Academy, Master Yoda, and of course JP.C for this honor.

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