Whitewater Falls and Fall Foliage Pt 5

Wildcat Falls, Pumpkin Town, Aunt Sue’s and Fall Foliage Pt 4

The next day after we broke down camp we decided to squeeze in two more drive-up falls before we hit the road.  The first was Whitewater Falls which was only about 40 minutes west of Table Rock.  This is the big daddy of the area.  In total it is over 800’ tall and crosses the state line between North Carolina and South Carolina.  The North Carolina part is 411’ tall making it the highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains.  The part in South Carolina drops another 400’.  Sadly, just like Raven Cliff Falls, you cannot get very close to the falls so the effect is diminished.

Turn in to Park Here
Melanie Explaining with Grand Visuals That her legs were sore from the Steep Climbs the day Before
Melanie Thought it was Hilarious to Capture a Detailed Photo Journal of me Paying the Park Useage Fee

From the parking lot you walk along a basically flat paved trail for about half or one mile to the upper overlook.  From there you can go down a flight of steps to the lower overlook which offers a better view.

Hiking Doesn’t get much Easier
Upper Overlook
Stairs to Lower Observation Platform
Lower (Better) Observation Platform
Sign at Lower Observation Platform Kindly Informs you that Further Hiking will not Provide a Better View
White Water Falls
View of a Nearby Lake from the Trail

Twin Falls and Fall Foliage Pt 6


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