More Mud Run and Screen Printing

Well it’s that time of the year again.  The Mud Run is just a few weeks away and we had so much fun last year that we are fielding two teams this year.  This means more people which means more t-shirts which means more screen printing (detailed pictorial screen printing instructions here).  I saved the screen from last year and cranked out six new shirts.

Things I observed:
1.  The screen has held up well.  Some of the smallest details are wearing away but overall it is still working well.
2.  Making three passes over the printing area with the ink lays on a nice amount of ink.  You can see how much thicker it is in the picture below.  NOTE:  I made the red a little darker this year.
3.  Cooking in the ink with the iron on the highest setting with a towel in between doesn’t damage the poly/technical shirts which I was afraid might happen.

I’ll be sure to give you all a write up of the actual run once we finish.  Hopefully we’ll have some spectators we know with cameras to capture us in all our muddy glory.

You can find all of my other mud run articles here.


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