100 Push Ups

Have you ever been able to do 100 push ups in a row?  I didn’t think so.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could?  What if I told you there was a simple 15-minute program that could take you from lump to push up master?

A friend of mine went from being able to do just a few (maybe none) to 100 in a row on her toes in just a few weeks.  She said the secret was the free program at www.hundredpushups.com.

I looked over the schedule at hundredpushups.com and was impressed.  It meets you at whatever level of fitness you have and builds you up from there.  If you can’t even do one push up it has other exercises you can do until you can.  From there it tests you and puts you into a specific track for training.

So far I’ve found it to be just about a perfect balance.  When you finish you don’t feel injured but later that day your muscles feel worked.  I’ve read and been told that optimal exercise wears you out but doesn’t break you down.  It is tricky to balance an optimal work out against one that is damaging but if you can strike that balance your body is supposed to respond the quickest.

Because you are focusing on only one exercise, it would be easy for anyone to fit this program into any schedule because an entire day’s workout can’t take more than 15 minutes.  Admittedly I’m starting in better shape than the average person who might undertake this program, but so far I’ve found that I don’t even really breathe that hard and have yet to break a sweat doing it.  My point is that I think just about anyone that has the desire can successfully follow this program.

They have a rudimentary program to track and share progress on the site but I have not been able to get it to work for two people on the same computer so I’m just tracking our results on a spreadsheet.  They have a smart phone app but I don’t have a smart phone so I can’t speak to that.

I mentioned on Facebook that we were starting the program and invited anyone interested to join us.  Several people have taken up the challenge and we tested this past weekend and started on Monday (1/9/12).  If you are interested in tracking your progress and want the subtle accountability and inspiration of publishing your results online, please feel free to use the comments section below for that purpose.

When you finish this program, start mixing in some of the other programs.  They have plans for squats, dips, pull ups and more.

Do something good for your body!


22 thoughts on “100 Push Ups

  1. So here is where I stand:
    1/8/12 Test – 22
    1/9/12 Jump to Week 3, Level 2 – 7 (did not meet min so will drop to level 1 next time)
    1/11/12 Wk 3, L 1 – 15

    I love how easy this is to follow and how quickly it can adapt to your fitness level.

  2. I think I’ll update weekly. To finish off this week:
    1/13/12 Wk 3, L1, 14

    I’m very happy with this program so far. I’m right on target with level 1 now and it still feels like a good balance of exercise vs. max exertion. Melanie and I feel the same way about the sit ups. Those don’t leave me sore at all though. I think that is just the nature of those muscles vs. push up muscles. Also, I need to remember that sometimes I do the sit ups first. I think this makes a difference. That is what I did today.

  3. This week had a setback. Had to drop back to week 3.
    1/16/12 Wk4, L1, 9 (failed)
    1/18/12 Wk3, L1, 16
    1/20/12 Wk3, L1, 17

    As an aside, sit ups are going well. Melanie is completely blowing past the highest benchmarks. I’m able to do them but my form is terrible by about the second set. I can still feel it working my stomach though so I think I’ll count them as a win and press on.

  4. Finished week 4 today! I’ve been doing level 3 for weeks 3 and 4 since I started. If I understand your notation, you denote a completed workout and then enter your max-out push-up number at the end. So here goes:

    1/7/12 Test: 40
    1/9/12 W3, L3, 42
    1/11/12 W3, L3, 35
    1/13/12 W3, L3, 50
    1/16/12 W4, L3, 50
    1/18/12 W4, L3, 50
    1/20/12 W4, L3, 50

  5. This week comes a little late. Sadly, but also funny, I tweaked my neck getting a towel yesterday so I had to put off Friday’s sit ups and push ups until today. Here is the week:
    1/23/12 W4, L1, 17
    1/25/12 W4, L1, 20
    1/28/12 W4, L1, 20

    I’ll do the test for each tomorrow morning and report them with next week’s listing.

  6. 2/27/12 W5, L2, 18 failed
    2/29/12 W5, L2, 25 failed
    3/2/12 W5, L2, 26 failed
    3/4/12 Test 45 – Yes! Finally on to Week 6. I stuck with Level 2 this week even though I didn’t come close to completing each of the days. I think I could have even done more on my test but I should have rested in the up position for three breaths after push up #44.

  7. Ooops! I’ve forgotten to update this list in a while. I got injured at the end of last month so I wasn’t able to do my pushups for a little while. Here is the catch up list:

    3/5/12 W6, L1, 21 failed
    3/7/12 W6, L1, 32 failed
    3/9/12 W6, L1, 33 failed

    3/12/12 W6, L1, 18 failed
    3/14/12 W6, L1, 28 failed
    3/16/12 W6, L1, 25 failed

    3/19/12 W6, L1, 22 failed
    3/21/12 W6, L1, 34 failed

    3/26/12 W6, L1, 22 failed
    3/28/12 W6, L1, 34 failed
    3/30/12 W6, L1, ?? failed

    4/1/12 Test 34 failed

  8. 4/2/12 W6, L1, 24 failed
    4/4/12 W6, L1, 25 failed
    4/6/12 W6, L1, ?? failed

    4/8/12 Test 43 failed

    4/9/12 W6, L1, 7 failed NOTE: Vacation – bad diet and bad sleep schedule
    4/11/12 W6, L1, 9 failed
    4/13/12 W6, L1, ?? failed

    4/16/12 Test 28 failed

  9. 4/23/12 W5, L1, 27
    4/25/12 W5, L1, 32
    4/27/12 W5, L1, 32

    4/29/12 Test 36

    Seems like I’m bouncing around between about 30-40 push ups. I’m going to try my old system again of two sets maxing out each set and see if I make progress quicker. I’m not giving up on 100 yet!

  10. 4/30/12 41, 27
    5/2/12 42
    5/4/12 43,22

    So with the new system of maxxing out each set for two sets, you can see that I’m increasing by one each time. Actually, I’ll let you in on a secret. I did today’s (which will be recorded here next week) and I did 46, beating my old personal record by one!

  11. 5/7/12 46, 22
    5/11/12 41, 19

    I was sick on Wednesday so took the day off. I did yard on 5/10 so I think I was a little puny for the 5/12 workout. Still a PR on Monday!!!

  12. 5/29/12 34, 21
    6/2/12 35, 24

    Well the sickness lingered a long time. Melanie is still sick. That last couple of weeks without exercise is a toughy. I’m basically starting over with running and with upper body. Luckily I only got knocked back to the 30’s for push-ups. I thought I’d start in the 20’s for sure.

  13. 7/10/12 40, 16
    7/12/12 32, 14
    7/14/12 28, 20

    I’m going to stop doing push-ups first in my workouts because it doesn’t seem that I’m going to hit 50 push-ups let alone 100 anytime soon and pull-ups are more important to me. I expect my numbers are going to drop pretty drastically as a result, but I’m going to still keep working toward 50 in a row.

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