New Best Chocolate




I told you about our favorite chocolate back in this post.

For Valentine’s Day this year, I decided to get Melanie some chocolates for one of her gifts.  A quick search revealed a contender that might beat our past favorite and it won!

Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolate is our new favorite chocolatier.  We got the 21 piece assortment so we’d be able to try 21 of their 22 flavors (They were sold out of the Valentine’s special when I ordered).

You’ll see in the marked up image below what we thought of each.  There was one that was ok and one that I didn’t like (but Melanie thought was ok).  The rest were quite good.  They are all beautiful to look at with printed, airbrushed, and sculpted exteriors.  They seem to have a thinner chocolate shell with more filling, but I think the proportions are quite nice and very tasty.  Melanie said that the mint chocolate was the best mint chocolate anything she’s ever eaten.

On  the website they talk about the freshness of the filling being the difference between a good and a great chocolate.  To maximize this freshness, they have to get them to you quickly.  That speed and packaging (a freezer box) comes with a high price.  These chocolates are not cheap.

Sorry John & Kira’s, these are our new faves.


4 thoughts on “New Best Chocolate

  1. Well there were 4 with triple smilies. So which one was your favorite? Aggie will have to comment – she has a sea-salt caramel chocolate that she needs to enter in to the competition.

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