My First Time-Lapse Video

Yesterday I scouted the best spot to try and capture sunrise over downtown Jacksonville. This morning I got off to a late start, but scrambled and “got the shot.” I’ve spent the rest of the day learning how to edit video and audio. This is the result.

Be sure to pause the video and force YouTube to play it in HD (1080p) and set it to full screen. Otherwise, YouTube won’t realize it needs to change these settings before the video is over and you’ll end up with a pretty crappy image.

Also, those aren’t large dust specs. This video took about 30-45 minutes to shoot and during that time the seagulls found me and swarmed.


8 thoughts on “My First Time-Lapse Video

    1. Sadly, during this time of the year, it is no where near downtown. Of course if I could get access to the top of the Fidelity building then I could get up above all the other bridges and shoot it from an angle that *might* include it.

  1. Beautiful! With musical accompaniment!!!

    Actually, we have an amazing sunset almost every night looking out the den windows. You are invited to come to Huntsville, any time, to try out your camera equipment on some of our Alabama sunsets!!!

    The pot belly pig, Patsy, was unhappy in her new home (escaped from her pen a couple of times) and is now back in her old stomping grounds at the Patz compound. What next?!?!?!


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  2. Jason!!!!! (That was a scream) awesome time lapse video!!!!! Makes me miss eating dinner with you guys and living in J’ville!!!!!!!

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