Airsoft Machine Gun

I added a little aluminum paint to simulate bare metal on this hasty paint job.

I saw this video and thought it would be fun to build one of these.

For those that don’t know, Airsoft is a game/sport similar to paintball in which small plastic BB’s are fired from specially designed guns.  I don’t expect the MG I built to ever be used for anything but target practice.  This one is built fairly rugged (except for the trigger so it can easily be replaced if it breaks), and intentionally can’t generate the force that I’ve seen with other guns of this type.  The barrel is made from an aluminum arrow shaft which is over sized for the BB’s.  A lot of air escapes around the BB’s and they don’t fly extremely accurately as a result.  I’m hoping that my brother’s family will be able to put it to use on their farm.

The initial parts. I had to switch out the blow gun because it restricted the airflow too much.
I wanted to integrate the trigger into the body better and make it a stronger connection. Unfortunately, after playing around with it for a while, I never could get it to fit properly in this handle.
Side view of the finished gun. The sight was donated by some friends and came off an old Airsoft gun.
The Airsoft sight is zip tied to the barrel. BB’s are loaded in the port behind the sight. The hand rest is a piece of 1-1/2″ PVC ripped, shaped, and glued over the 1-1/4″ barrel.


I initially wanted the BB reservoir to be a clear Gatorade bottle so the user would have a visual ammo indicator. I wanted the in and out port to come in through the top, but I could never get that to work properly. It may have been the crumby blow gun I was using for a trigger rather than this design.

4 thoughts on “Airsoft Machine Gun

    1. I just sent you an email about giving this to you since Aunt Melanie thought it looked a little too dangerous. Glad to have your answer. The email details all the different safety features that you can choose to use if you allow any of the kids to shoot it.

  1. I don’t know about constructing a machine gun, but I did like the commercial – amazing! M

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