Fire Girl Composite Image

JPatz_20140930_StandingFiregirl1_WebI’ve done composite images before but they have always been utilitarian.  It is usually stuff like changing a lamp shade, fixing a smile on someone’s face, etc.  This image is the first one that I’ve tried to do as an artistic endeavor.  Thanks to Aaron Nace, for the guidance.  He and his company do great work.

For this image I shot the girl on a grey seamless background.  I shot many many background pictures and pictures of fire.  After that it was just a matter of blending them all together.

I could not believe how much more time it took me to do this image than other composites I’ve worked on.  All the time was consumed trying to make the lighting of the background match the lighting of the girl and vise versa.  I’m still not satisfied with that part.  I shot the girl first and then tried to find decent backgrounds.  I probably should have done this in reverse.  It would have saved me a lot of headaches.

Special thanks to my niece for modeling for me.



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