Wave Clouds

JPatz_20141111_3J8A4844-Edit_WebSeveral weeks ago I got a call from Melanie on her way to work.  “You really should go find a place to see the sunrise this morning.  The clouds are really cool!”  I went out and snapped a few shots before the sun had a chance to really get up in the sky.  The colors weren’t that spectacular but those clouds were something to see. They looked smoky and gritty, like someone had drawn them with a piece of vine charcoal.  They were thick and undulating and it gave the sensation of being under the surface of the ocean watching the waves pass by (They were moving fast).

At the time I didn’t think they photographed well at all, but this morning I remembered them and did a quick edit anyway (please excuse the leaning buildings and unresolved water panorama merging).


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