Self Portrait: Still Morning Run

JPatz_20150102_3J8A6512_WebMelanie and I were talking about goal setting for the new year.  We have found exactly what the experts agree to be true:  If you have specific written goals, you are more likely to achieve them.  Even so, we often don’t make the time to think this through let alone write them down.

This year rather than diving deep with all kinds of potential goals we just formalized some things we have already been thinking about.  One of those things for me is to try and take a self portrait every week of 2015.  While we ran this morning, Melanie reminded me that this week is almost over even though 2015 just began.

Luckily for me, God provided a photogenic morning.  It was a really grey and still morning while we ran.  I thought the muted tones and the slowly undulating water punctuated by the red lights of the bridges and towers would make a fine backdrop for me in my running clothes.  Unfortunately, once we were back home, I couldn’t gather my stuff and get to a good spot quickly enough and nighttime turned into the “blue hour” just before sunrise.  The light was changing so fast I didn’t even have time to set up a flash for myself.

Overall, I’m pleased with this image.  It is somewhere between a grab shot and planned one but I’m most happy that I’ve stayed on target for 2015 so far. 🙂


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