Catty Shack Pix

Can you spot the mosquito?
Can you spot the mosquito?

About a week and half ago we went to a local large cat sanctuary here in Jacksonville called Catty Shack for a nighttime feeding.  We’d been once before with a niece that is really into animals and knew it was a really neat experience.  That was a daytime visit.  As expected, the nighttime visit let us see a more active side to these impressive beasts.

The coolest thing about Catty Shack that differentiates it from a regular zoo is your proximity to the felines.  They are in a giant chain-link cage beyond which is a 2-3′ walkway and then one more tall fence and that is it.  One of the more grumpy lions suddenly and unexpectedly charged the fence when I stayed behind by myself to take some pictures and it really did feel like my heart had leaped into my throat.  You are so close that you can see mud stuck to their fur, hear them breathing, etc.  It can be intense and so neat.

I knew with all the chain link there was no chance of good pictures but it seemed like a good time to practice and test the low light capability of my camera.


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