2015 Kid’s Triathlon

The hard morning light makes this guy look heroic.


Mel and I had the honor of being invited to the Jacksonville kid’s triathlon again this year.  It was fun to attend before and this year was no exception.

It was also a great opportunity to photograph in adverse conditions.  I wanted to test myself and see how I would do with my 70-200mm open all the way to f/2.8.  After a while I stopped down to f/5.6, but it was a neat experiment.

This year it was MUCH harder to find a spot to photograph the kids where there weren’t heads, arms, and legs (of parents) in the way but I managed to get a few shots I liked.  I noticed at least three other parents out there with the exact same lens I was using (see my photo gear page).  That really surprised me because it ain’t a cheap lens.


4 thoughts on “2015 Kid’s Triathlon

  1. I wish I would’ve known about this would’ve loved for my boys. I would like to raise triathletes.

    1. Talk to Jeff and Allison or follow the link in the article to the 2014 entry. That entry has a link to the triathlon’s homepage. I think it is wonderful to hear that you/they might enjoy this. If I was physically able, I’d do it. They say triathletes are the ultimate endurance athletes.

    1. How neat that you found my post! That picture of you two was a warm up shot while I was dialing in the camera settings but I liked it enough to post it. If you want a higher resolution copy of it, just email me at link shown on my contact page (I won’t post it here to help cut down on spambot activity). Waaaarr Eagle!

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