PhotoTraces and Their Free Lightroom Presets

I’ve been a fan of Viktor Elizarov and his photography site PhotoTraces for a while now.  He is a solid photographer but even better for you and me, he is a great photo processor and concise instructor.  I cannot think of a more reliably helpful landscape photography website than his.  He is so generous with his information from the planning of a shot to the camera settings to the digital processing and he manages to convey the information in compact language with many visual aids (that are interactive more and more of the time).  You often get more from skimming one of his articles for 2 minutes than reading an article for 10 minutes on another site.  If you are a fan of landscape photography, you owe it to yourself to check out his site.

Like the efficiency of his website, he has developed a basic set of Lightroom presets for quickly applying effects to images that range from natural to intense and a set of correction presets to apply after that to do most of the final image tweaking.  In a matter of seconds you can have an acceptably complete image or at least a very good starting point for your final idea.  Presets are such a great way to explore lots of different styles for any given image very quickly.  You will definitely like the price – they are free once you sign up for his free weekly newsletter!  Get them here.  If you like them,  he has many more for landscape and people pictures available for purchase.

As a test I took one of my more colorful and favorite images from my New Zealand trip and tried applying various presets to it.  You can see the results with my comments in the gallery below.  It may have taken me anywhere from 5-30 minutes to process the original without using any presets.  By contrast, the variations that I did with the presets only took about 30 seconds each.


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