Photographing Kid Jedi

After we finished building their lightsabers, my nephews were up for some pictures as Jedi (not Padawans).  I thought that might happen and so I had tossed Aunt Melanie’s quick Jedi costumes in our travel bags when we were packing for this trip.  They aren’t a perfect fit but they worked well enough.

I get along well with both of these young men and I knew they’d be very cooperative during the shoot.  What kid doesn’t want to play with a sword?  I didn’t anticipate just how quickly they’d want to be done with the whole thing though.  Immediately after putting on the costumes (within 2 seconds) both commented that they were very hot and were ready to get out of them.  The entire session lasted 3-5 minutes for each of them.  This was good training in working quick!

The finishing touch, which they both enjoyed, was going to Adobe’s color wheel and picking their lightsaber color.  Then I jumped into Photoshop, cut them out of the background and dropped in the glowing blade.  This type of edit can get complex and realistic.  In this case I wanted to see what I could do quickly.

We are all hopeful that in the future we can do a lightsaber fight video.  Is that something you’d be interested in seeing?  Leave a comment and let me know.



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