Lighting Modifier Comparo – Outtake

I finally found a two friends with an interest in photography that are willing to be photographed and they have free time!  Whoooopppieee!!!!!!!

We used up all of our time for our first session but already have a second one scheduled to finish of the rest of images we need to take.  Soon after that you’ll be seeing an article comparing of all my lighting modifiers.  They are not intended to be super great images on their own.  They are just controlled tests to show what the light modifier does to a scene and a face.

In the meantime please enjoy this outtake from our first session.  It was created with the RoundFlash (which I notice also has a cheaper knock-off version available now).

Oh!  And if you want to know details or buy any of the light modifiers, please consider purchasing them on Amazon through my photo gear page where I’ll make a small commission and you’ll pay nothing extra.



4 thoughts on “Lighting Modifier Comparo – Outtake

    1. Haha! Brad you funny. I’m thinking I might be able to get away with shooting some decent stuff outside with natural light. We shall see. Should be a fun experiment!

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