What’s Your Best Side?

Most people have heard of putting your best foot forward, but did you realize that you have a best side too?  In particular I’m talking about your face.  It is extremely rare to find people whose face is so symmetrical that there is no discernible difference when each side is viewed in profile.  One eye is higher.  An eyebrow follows a different curve.  The corner of one side of a mouth drops more.

All of these little differences add up to make your face more pleasing to look at from one side or the other.  Models learn early on in their careers to determine the best angles to be photographed from.  The easiest way I know to figure this out for yourself is to get a friend to photograph you from different angles.  Just looking in a mirror isn’t going to do the job.

I set up a photo shoot with another photographer and we took pictures of each other in 15 different poses to give us a very good idea what we look like from different angles.  I made sure that the lighting provided some definition to our faces but was symmetrical so that there would be no changes in it when we turned our heads from side to side.  I did no editing to the images other than setting the color balance, sharpening, and cropping.

I was trying not to laugh in many of my shots so, sadly, I don’t have a pure set of test pictures.

I’m intentionally not going to comment on the images because I’d like you guys to tell us what you think our best sides are – if you dare.  🙂


5 thoughts on “What’s Your Best Side?

  1. Wow! That is a lot of angles. I like straight on for both of u, but I guess that isn’t a side is it¿
    Hmm back to square 1.

  2. Lenae looks fabulous at angles of course, but I’m favoring the pictures of her left side most. And Jason, it’s really hard to tell for you! I’m with Brad on favoring the straight on angle for you, but if I chose a side, I would say your right side. I think maybe some non animated (Wipe that smirk off your face, Mister!) pictures would help. (She says when she tried to make you guys laugh while you were taking pictures…) That is after one quick run through of pictures. I didn’t sit and analyze them because I figure you’d want more of snap judgement.

    1. Yes. Your snap judgement is exactly what I was looking for. First impression. Thanks for the feedback! UN-thanks for making me laugh. Hopefully you can hear the false hatred in that sentence. You helped make a by-the-numbers/programmatic photo shoot fun.

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