Jacksonville Beach Photo Shoot

I’ve finished culling images from a photo shoot I did with three friends out at Jax Beach recently.  I don’t normally do stuff like this and wanted to give it a try.  This involved scouting the beaches convenient to all the models to find the best one and, not being a beach person, I learned that the much-maligned Jax Beach is great.  The sand is soft and the views are superb.  It is just packed with people.  There was a surf competition and a craft beer festival meaning it was a real challenge to shoot around all the people in the background.  Since we met about two hours before sunset we had to move quick and adapt to the changing light.  We only got about a quarter of the shots on my shot list but that was expected.  I wanted to over plan rather than just stand around and waste time.  Afterwards we went to Joseph’s Pizza and I’m here to tell you that the gluten-free pizza they make is tase-T!

Here are the first three fully edited.  More to come tomorrow.  Which you can view right here!


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