Spend a Weekend in a Hobbit Hole

We wanted to go someplace special and stumbled upon this video and that was all I needed to see. 

Hobbit’s Dream is an old farm in Fairfield, Virginia that has partially been converted into the Shire complete with a Hobbit hole expertly crafted into the side of a hill.  If you’ve watched the video, then you should know the plants have all filled in and the whole place looks more established now.  I was surprised to notice that the interior had been updated to make it even more Hobbity.

If you are a long-time reader you know that we went to New Zealand for a previous anniversary and got to visit the “real” Hobbiton.  While smaller in scale, this Airbnb has the same transportive effect but with more immersive elements.  In New Zealand, you have teams of people keeping up the grounds, growing seasonal crops, and washing the clothes on the lines daily.  However, you are one of hundreds tromping along a path with a tour guide and all of the Hobbit holes are false fronts.  At Hobbit’s Dream, it is landscaped outside and decorated inside with the same thoughtful attention that was paid to the NZ movie sets but it adds a level of immersion.  In Virginia, you get to go in to a fully furnished home.  You are there in the stillness of the country making a meal in the kitchen, reading by the fire, or falling asleep to the sounds of nature in a solid, comfortable Hobbit hole.

I promised myself that I’d keep this article short so I’ll just add that it is worthwhile taking the tour of the on-site shops where you can see wood carving, broom making, stone carving, pipe making, black smithing, and more.  If you’ve never experienced the joy of making something high quality and cool yourself, it would be worth taking one of the classes so you’d have a Tolkienesque treasure to take home.

Below you’ll find some pictures of our trip.  I took many but have pared it down to these few.  For one, it was always overcast when we were there making landscape pictures involving sky or water less exciting.  Second, the more I’ve thought about it, the better it is if there are mysteries for you to uncover on your own.  I don’t want to spoil all of the fun for you.  I didn’t even talk about Mirkwood or the Bucklebury Ferry…

Hobbit’s Dream
Fairfield Virginia
A/C – kitchen with stovetop, microwave and coffee/tea maker – 1 bedroom – 1 queen size bed, 1 inflatable, sleeps 4 total – 1 bathroom with shower – no pets – no smoking inside – wifi (you should read a book, play a game, or go for a hike instead 😊)

Reservations fill up fast.  Expect to book one year in advance.


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