Spend a Weekend in a Hobbit Hole

We wanted to go someplace special and stumbled upon this video and that was all I needed to see. 

Hobbit’s Dream is an old farm in Fairfield, Virginia that has partially been converted into the Shire complete with a Hobbit hole expertly crafted into the side of a hill.  If you’ve watched the video, then you should know the plants have all filled in and the whole place looks more established now.  I was surprised to notice that the interior had been updated to make it even more Hobbity.

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Church Pictures

Just sticking my head above water for a moment.  The staff at my church needed new headshots so I actually took some pictures for the first time this year!  I even carved out time to edit them so they aren’t just sitting on my computer waiting for me to do something.

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Red Medicine

Melanie and I enjoy going to First Watch for breakfast and they have a drink called Red Medicine.  I decided to reverse engineer it so that we could serve it over the holidays.  It is described as “pomegranate, cranberry, black tea, local honey and cinnamon.”  I don’t think I got the flavor exactly right, but closer than a knock-off Dr. Pepper is to the real thing.  The color is a match and it is delicious.

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The International Swimming Hall of Fame

Growing up I liked to swim.  A lot.  I was on three swim teams throughout the year and a lifeguard during the summer.  So you can easily imagine that when I found out The International Swimming Hall of Fame is located right here in Florida that I would want to visit.  It has taken us several years to make the time for it, but an opportunity arose when we decided to make a trip south to Florida’s three national parks (Dry Tortugas, Everglades, and Biscayne).

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