My First Photo Walk

The usual photo suspects gathered for our first photo walk in the downtown area of Jacksonville.  In-the-moment photography is a weakness of mine and I looked forward to the immediacy of everything.  We set a time limit of about 15 minutes per location and I further limited myself to only using my 16mm lens.

None of these pictures are going to be award winners but it was a fun exercise.

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Egyptian Snakes

A few weeks ago our church had an Egyptian marketplace as part of our VBS program.  One of my friends took the opportunity to set up an animal stall there, which led to me photographing two costumed friends holding a snake.  Please enjoy.

PS  It is kinda like photographing a kid.  Snakes don’t stay still and are determined to go where you don’t want them.

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What’s Your Best Side?

Most people have heard of putting your best foot forward, but did you realize that you have a best side too?  In particular I’m talking about your face.  It is extremely rare to find people whose face is so symmetrical that there is no discernible difference when each side is viewed in profile.  One eye is higher.  An eyebrow follows a different curve.  The corner of one side of a mouth drops more.

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