Spend a Weekend in a Hobbit Hole

We wanted to go someplace special and stumbled upon this video and that was all I needed to see. 

Hobbit’s Dream is an old farm in Fairfield, Virginia that has partially been converted into the Shire complete with a Hobbit hole expertly crafted into the side of a hill.  If you’ve watched the video, then you should know the plants have all filled in and the whole place looks more established now.  I was surprised to notice that the interior had been updated to make it even more Hobbity.

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The International Swimming Hall of Fame

Growing up I liked to swim.  A lot.  I was on three swim teams throughout the year and a lifeguard during the summer.  So you can easily imagine that when I found out The International Swimming Hall of Fame is located right here in Florida that I would want to visit.  It has taken us several years to make the time for it, but an opportunity arose when we decided to make a trip south to Florida’s three national parks (Dry Tortugas, Everglades, and Biscayne).

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Blackrock Beach and Boneyard Beach Travel Guide

I’m not a big beach person but I recently saw this cool video and knew I needed to do a photo shoot at Big Talbot Island State Park.  Some of the resulting images are shown below.  The rest can be seen in this article where I took one of my favorite pictures of all time.  I’ve been to Little Talbot Island for various events (it’s probably the nicest beach in the Jacksonville area) but never made the extremely short drive north to see Big Talbot Island.

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A Treehouse on the Suwannee River

Approaching the treehouse. Sidenote: Google photos added all the picture effects when it backed up to the cloud. A little cheesy but I still like it.
Approaching the treehouse from the side. Suwanee River on the right.  Sidenote: Google photos added all the picture effects when it backed up to the cloud. A little cheesy but I still like it.

Over Labor Day weekend we decided to shoot over to Live Oak, FL to tour a recently built treehouse for one of those construction shows on a TV channel we don’t get.  Calling ahead I found out that we didn’t need reservations for the tour even on a holiday weekend and the price was $8/person for a 15-30 minute tour.

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