My First Photo Walk

The usual photo suspects gathered for our first photo walk in the downtown area of Jacksonville.  In-the-moment photography is a weakness of mine and I looked forward to the immediacy of everything.  We set a time limit of about 15 minutes per location and I further limited myself to only using my 16mm lens.

None of these pictures are going to be award winners but it was a fun exercise.

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Self Portrait: Down by the Rrrriver

JPatz_20150115_3J8A6624-Condense_WebIt was foggy and cold when I took this picture (My hands turned bright red over the course of the shoot).  I met some out of town sightseers who were sad that the water taxi wasn’t running that day.  I hope they finish the repairs on the bridge and get the Riverwalk rebuilt in time for spring festivities.  Maybe one day I will find jeans that fit me that aren’t so baggy.