First Saber

Whaaaa?  You say.  Is it possible that we get two TotW’s after such a dry spell.  Well, kind of.  Not really.  But in putting the post about my trainer saber together I gathered all of my saber resources.  Mixed in there was the first saber I ever built that was for a friend of mine.  It is made out of plumbing parts, lighting parts and wood.  He wanted something that was reminiscent of Obi’s Ep IV saber and Luke’s Ep VI saber.

Being a design guy I had to do some user vs. item to be used methodology.  We used various tube diameters to get the best fit for his hand and placed the on/off trigger in his preferred location.  We worked out the right length for a comfortable two-handed grip.  The blade length and intensity are controllable on this model through two pop-up knobs in the bottom of the hilt.

Consider this behind the scenes bonus material for the TotW.  If you like Star Wars, I know you like secret behind the scenes bonus material too.  It is engrained in you.  Behold my first saber it all of its low resolution glory (It is the only image I still have of it.  Notice the better lighting though.  Man, I miss having a good camera and photo studio)!

Image and Design copyright Jason Patz