Cloudy Skid Marks Recipe

The guys over at Penny Arcade mentioned a s’mores snack mix and I wanted to make a gluten free version.  I’ve tried several concoctions now and none are bad but this one will get you on your way to your own perfect mix.  Please let me know in the comments below of any other magical combos the rest of us should try.

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How to Make a Hardcover Book

After seeing our recovered Bibles, one of my nieces wanted to make a hardcover book that she would be able to write and draw in.  The process was basically the same but it was actually a little quicker to do.

Next time I would make two changes:
1.  Use a very thick and stiff utility knife to trim textblock or not trim those pages at all.
2.  Woven the reinforcing ribbon into the thread that stitched the loose pages into signatures for an even stronger connection between the pages and the ribbon.

Here is an annotated slideshow of the steps: