The One Minute Entrepreneur by Ken Blanchard, Don Hutson and Ethan Willis

While we were at the library recently, I was helping Melanie find The One Minute Manager and ran across this book.  As I know I’ve mentioned in other book reviews, it has only been in recent years that I’ve really started reading self improvement books.  Now that I’ve read several in a row in a short time period, I see that many have a similar style no matter what the message is.  They tell a story and interweave the lesson.  The chapters usually end with bullet points highlighting main ideas.  They are usually short and quick t0 read.

The One Minute Entrepreneur falls squarely into this category.  It’s a good book offering solid advice through all the stages of a company’s life cycle.  I’m sure I’ll read it again as my business grows.  Is it the greatest self help book I’ve ever read?  No.  The story is fairly clunky and the statements that are made are very basic.  For example, you are encouraged to make sure that your income exceeds your expenses.  This seems stupid simple and it is but, when things get complex and fast-moving, it is easy to forget the basics.

I think anyone reading this book will be happy if they approach it as a list of helpful reminders at each stage of business development rather than secrets or carefully explained techniques to business success.