THING of the Week

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’m doing illustrations of people via the Wacom tablet and it hasn’t been going well.  This week I thought I’d try a superhero to remove some of the accuracy pressure.  Being one to over complicate projects, my first thought was to take someone I know and draw them as a superhero.  This turned out to be somewhat maddening as I was trying to capture the likeness of two known images instead of one.  Well done, Patzy.

Today, you get what may be the official thing of the week (literally) if I don’t finalize my new idea before tomorrow.  You can see from the photo below some of the iterations I”ve gone through.  In the center is a an exaggerated sketch/mini caricature of the subject and my two better attempts at turning him into The Thing from Marvel’s Fantastic Four.  I’ve got several of the key elements that make up the subject’s face done pretty well and I think most people would recognize this as The Thing but it is still missing a lot of The Thing’s thingy-ness.  I’ve decided that when drawing an orange rock man, he will probably never look enough like your subject to be identifiable unless you just do the rocks as a skin over his existing face.

I might work on this more next week.

PS  I cheated.  None of this was done on the tablet.  My plan was to try and do comic-style inking and coloring via the tablet once I got the pencil sketch done.

PPS  The Thing is a Marvel Comics character.  I claim no ownership of him.