Self Portrait: Behind the Curtain

JPatz_20141129_3J8A4910_WebI have a backlog of images to process.  One set is going to be turned into a nighttime streaky headlights timelapse video.  While setting it up, I accidentally tripped the shutter release and caught this image.  It looks double exposure-y and kinda like a floating heads movie poster.  I really like the feel of it and the stories it might evoke.


Goodnight Moon

JPatz_20141107_3J8A4804-Edit_WebWhen we were out running this morning the moon was super bright.  It almost hurt to look at it.  I noticed that it was going to set right over a creek near our house so I skipped stretching today (sorry) and hurriedly gathered my gear.

The final shot isn’t great but it was fun shooting it.