Glop o’ Jax Filter Test

JPatz_20140218_3J8A0964_Web-2I finally made the time this morning to install a bunch of Lightroom Presets I got with a 5 Day Deal I bought *cough* a year or two ago.  A quick scan of the large library of unpublished photos turned up this test photo I had done when scouting the location for my first timelapse.  Look below the fold for the other two images.

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Goodnight Moon

JPatz_20141107_3J8A4804-Edit_WebWhen we were out running this morning the moon was super bright.  It almost hurt to look at it.  I noticed that it was going to set right over a creek near our house so I skipped stretching today (sorry) and hurriedly gathered my gear.

The final shot isn’t great but it was fun shooting it.