Self Portrait: Passing Rain Shadow


I had the good fortune to visit Pelennor Fields on a recent trip (that you’ll get to hear more about soon) and this is the view if you do a 180 at that location.  I wanted to get a picture with the sheep sign in for scale and this little rain storm blew through (only lasted a few minutes) so I grabbed a few frames.  Since the sun was setting and I had no time to find another vantage point, my shadow is in the picture providing this week’s self portrait.


Self Portrait: High Key

JPatz_20141225_3J8A5922-Edit_WebHere is a standard clamshell high key portrait of me.  I probably need to go back and increase the exposure on the lower half of my face a little but it works for now and I’ll be using it for the next two self portraits I do.  Stay tuned for the next two weeks to see what happens!

EDIT:  I need to give my mother-in-law credit!  I set up the lighting and got everything ready but she actually took this picture.  So really a portrait.  Thanks Jayne!

Self Portrait: Stubble Sketch

JPatz_20150213_3J8A7818-Edit-bwstubble_WebI saw a new technique for turning a photo into a sketch and when I looked in the mirror this morning I thought it would be an ideal style to emphasize my unshaven chin.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the filters to work properly with this image no matter how I adjusted the contrast.  The charcoal filter kept reversing out (but not perfectly, I couldn’t just invert the results).  So what I ended up doing was drawing over the top of the half-baked image.  Not a portfolio piece but I like how it turned out overall.

I especially liked that it gets across the scratchy feeling I wanted.

Self Portrait: Down by the Rrrriver

JPatz_20150115_3J8A6624-Condense_WebIt was foggy and cold when I took this picture (My hands turned bright red over the course of the shoot).  I met some out of town sightseers who were sad that the water taxi wasn’t running that day.  I hope they finish the repairs on the bridge and get the Riverwalk rebuilt in time for spring festivities.  Maybe one day I will find jeans that fit me that aren’t so baggy.

Self Portrait: Mirrors and Reflections

JPatz_20150109_3J8A6560-Edit_WebBelieve it or not, this is the first time I think I’ve ever taken a picture of myself with the camera up to my face.  Maybe I just have bad memory.  Anyhoo, for this week’s self portrait I wanted to find something reflective to shoot into and I remembered that there is a huge home furnishing store in town with rows and rows of mirrors.  I got some neat effects from metallic lamp bodies and vases but the picture above was the winner for me.