Fire Girl Composite Image

JPatz_20140930_StandingFiregirl1_WebI’ve done composite images before but they have always been utilitarian.  It is usually stuff like changing a lamp shade, fixing a smile on someone’s face, etc.  This image is the first one that I’ve tried to do as an artistic endeavor.  Thanks to Aaron Nace, for the guidance.  He and his company do great work.

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High Key Grunge

JPatz_20140524_3J8A3553-extracrunch-Edit_WebWhen we had friends over for dinner and games, we ran out of time taking pictures to do both high key and low key photos of everyone.  I thought it would be neat to process a couple of the high key images with a grungy/sports style.  It was hit and miss but worked out really well for a couple.  I still like the low key combo better but this reminds me of stuff I’ve seen on movie posters or promo material for Game of Thrones.

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1st Low Key and Grunge Photos

JPatz_20140601_3J8A3677-sq-Edit_WebFlip-flopping from the lighting and processing style shown in this article, I wanted to try a very dark low key look where the faces appear to just be emerging from blackness.  The catchlights are intended to look otherworldly and dangerous.  The processing emphasizes a toughness found in sports photos.  I’m very happy with the results.

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