New Zealand – Day 8

Poet’s Park. So Peaceful! Anduin River Launch Point. Looking in the Opposite Direction from which it was Filmed.

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Today was a true tourism day.  There is so much to see in Wellington.  We could have spent even more time there exploring architecture, museums, restaurants, etc.

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New Zealand – Day 4

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We got up early, ate breakfast in the room (banana, yogurt, nuts, oatmeal), and headed south to the farming community of Matamata and Hobbiton!  We had been warned to allow extra travel time on all roads but our 30 minute buffer turned out to not be enough.  With all the road construction, we just missed the first-of-the-day tour we had reserved but luckily they had space on the next one.  Just after lunchtime, when we left, the place was completely filled up.  This place is super cool and popular.  If you are planning to visit, I highly recommend booking ahead.

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