Twin Falls and Fall Foliage Pt 6

Whitewater Falls and Fall Foliage Pt 5

On the way back toward Table Rock we diverted to an out-of-the-way falls called Twin Falls.  It gets this name because Reedy Cove Creek splits at the top of a rock wall and cascades down it in two distinct places.  I didn’t find conclusive information on how tall it is but I’d agree with one source that mentions it being about 75’.  It is a beautiful location and feels a little bit like a secret.  I’m guessing it sees about as much traffic as the little piece of property can take as there is an observation platform at the end of the trail that looks like it is there to prevent erosion.  Unfortunately, it is not in the ideal viewing location.  If they had just moved it about 100’ further into the area you would have a great view of the falls.  The graffiti and wear bare this out as you can see where people must regularly hop the rail and walk out into the rock piles at the base of the falls.  By no means is view bad though.  Melanie and I both liked this falls very much and recommend seeing it.

To get there, head W on US-178 off  South Carolina 11.  Stay on US-178 for about 7.5 miles.  Take a left on Cleo Chapman Rd (SC 100) at Bob’s Place (biker bar).  Bob’s is practically on top of the road.  Across the street you’ll see some outdoor seating and The Road Kill Grill.  Stay on Cleo Chapman for 1.9 miles.  Take a right on Estatoe Community Road and stay on this road for 0.9 miles.  Turn right on the very narrow one-lane Water Falls Rd.  Stay on this road for 0.3 miles past the private property up to the gate at the parking area.  While the first part of this road cuts through an open field the last part is through a narrow channel.  Slow driving is recommended as there is no room to pass in that section.

Outdoor Seating for Bob’s Place. Just Outside the Frame is the Road Kill Grill. I wish we would have had a Better Picture of it.
Turn on Water Falls Rd
Water Falls Rd get Quite Narrow
Twin Falls Parking
Twin Falls Trail Head (Just Past Gate)
Creek runs Beside Trail
Twin Falls from Observation Deck

The trail runs right beside the creek and is an easy short walk (15 min?).  Along the way you will pass a small swimming hole and end at a covered observation platform very near the base of the falls.

Although we didn’t see many colored leaves on our fall foliage trip, we had a blast camping, hiking and getting to see a bunch of waterfalls.  Check out the area where South Carolina and North Carolina meet in the mountains if you are looking for some gorgeous scenery.

Happy Trails!