What’s Your Best Side?

Most people have heard of putting your best foot forward, but did you realize that you have a best side too?  In particular I’m talking about your face.  It is extremely rare to find people whose face is so symmetrical that there is no discernible difference when each side is viewed in profile.  One eye is higher.  An eyebrow follows a different curve.  The corner of one side of a mouth drops more.

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Black Eye Halloween Series Four


Here is the final image in the black eye series (series starts here).  This person was the inspiration for the black alien eyes in the first place.  I have wanted to photograph her like this but dressed as the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia.  That is why I gave her black lipstick too.

If I don’t post any more spooky scary pictures before then, happy Halloween!

Black Eye Halloween Series Two


I like the juxtaposition of the creepy dangerous eye with the casual fun expression.  Since this picture was from a high-key glamour shoot, the highlights in her eye are prolific.  It is really cool to me that the super reflective eye picks up the different textures of the reflectors.  One is a crinkly silver and you can distinctly see that if you look very closely.

Part two in a short series that starts here.