Entry Shelf Complete

The entry shelf I started working on a few weeks ago has been complete and installed for some time.  I didn’t scribe it perfectly to the wall in a couple of places so I caulked and painted the edges yesterday.  Mistake.  It looked better without the caulk.  Because the paint sits at an angle on the caulk (not perfectly vertical like on the wall), it catches the light more and looks lighter.  It isn’t bad looking but it was better before.  Lesson learned.

I’m also a little sad that the wood lost its silvery white color, but I knew that it would.  It picked up the strong amber cast of the polyurethane I applied.  Not bad looking at all (actually a better compliment to the floor) and about as durable a finish as I can apply.  The finish also allowed some of the cool refractive properties of the wood to show through so it looks lighter or darker in different areas depending on your viewing angle.

The artwork is courtesy of two of my nieces.


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