Juicer Designs and Michael Graves Design Deluxe Lemon Squeezer: Fun or Fart?

If you are like me, you have found that even simple recipes can be slowed down when fresh fruit juice is necessary.  Want a whiskey sour or lemonade?  Just dump the ingredients together.  No wait, you’ve got to juice that lemon first and don’t even think about the stale bottled stuff.

For years we used one of those plastic ribbed half-football thingies that screws on the top of a jar.  It sucked but we didn’t know any better.  Then a friend gave us a fruit reamer which was many times better.  Recently we heard about another design which was supposed to be a juicer’s delight.

The basic design of any lemon squeezer is the same.  There is a hinged cup that the fruit half goes in.  Squeezing a pair of handles closes the cup, inverts the fruit half and extracts the juice.  The specific model that I’d heard great things about is the Amco Enameled Aluminum Lemon Squeezer.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it locally but I did find the Michael Graves Design Deluxe Lemon Squeezer at Target.

Just guessing by looking at the pictures the Michael Graves version probably isn’t quite as sturdy as the Amco one but it works just fine.  Actually, it is much better than fine.  It is by far the easiest and fastest way to extract fruit juice that I’ve ever tried.  It doesn’t get every last drop, but then neither does a reamer and it is so much faster than a reamer.  It takes about as long as running garlic through a garlic press, but much less hand strength is required.  It seems like it will hold up as well as other items in this price category but eventually the finish probably will come off.  I think the product life could be extended with a quick hand washing rather than running it through a dishwasher every time it is used.

My only quibble is that small seeds slip through the strainer and into the juice, but overall this is a great kitchen gadget.


7 thoughts on “Juicer Designs and Michael Graves Design Deluxe Lemon Squeezer: Fun or Fart?

  1. wish I had read this first. Mine broke the FIRST time while squeezing a lemon with my 4 year old daughter. unreal. It snapped like twig off a tree

    1. Yipes! Now two people have had problems. We just used ours again this past week and it still works great. My guess is that to cut costs they use slag/white metal/zinc to make the handles. When this low end material is injection molded, it has tons and tons of air pockets. If you get unlucky, you’ll get one that has a weak spot and breaks.

      I still say this style of juicer is the best. The solution probably lies in getting one made of stamped metal instead, preferably stainless steel. I don’t know if this particular one is any good but something like this should work well. http://www.amazon.com/MIU-France-10004-Squeezer-Stainless/dp/tech-data/B0009VEO8O

  2. I’ve had mine for 6 years and use it almost every day. Other than the finish coming off, it still works great. I’ve desperately tried to find another but have been unsuccessful in my attempts. I’ve also tried to find one that’s just as big, but most are considerably smaller.

    1. Good to hear. Ours is still going strong and looks good as new. I’m about to use it this evening, in fact. I think the thing that helped keep it looking good over the years is hand washing it instead of dish washing – a pretty simple task since you are dealing almost exclusively with liquids. Thanks for your comment!

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