Self Portrait: Floater


Have you ever had artwork that turned out the way you expected yet it somehow wasn’t all it could be?

There is something bugging me about this week’s image.  I managed to get a nice background and balance the light from the window.  The wide angle lens helps point the buildings up at me floating in the air just as I’d hoped.  Even though we didn’t have any nice clouds this week, I managed to catch a few stars in the sky.  The lighting on me is what I wanted.  The pose is better than I expected.  Somehow it just doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped it would.

Also, living in Florida doesn’t mean it is always warm.  I knew this picture wasn’t going to work well if I left on a bulky coat.  I had to find a nice open area to get the light as it would be above the tree line.  That meant wind and it was already down in the upper 30’s.  A T-shirt won’t keep you too warm in those conditions, but luckily photographing yourself jumping up and down like an idiot will.


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