Alive and Kicking with Photo Reference!


This picture was originally set up to color calibrate my camera. I jumped in at the end when I saw how much of the room I was actually lighting up.

Yes, I’m still alive.  I feel like I’m back in school right now.  Most days I finish feeling like I’ve been studying for a test all day.  Maybe it is more like adjusting to a new job when you hit that stressful place during the week two to six month period.  The new guy grace period is over and everyone is angry because you don’t remember their name, where the bathroom is, and can’t do your job perfectly.  Gosh, I already showed you how to do this at least twice!

Anyway, I spend most of my time with photography right now.  There is lots of equipment with lots of settings to learn and buttons to push.  On top of that I’m using speedlites for the first time.  Any other time I’ve photographed stuff for myself or others has been with available, ambient, and continuous light (those giant ovens you rarely see used anymore).  Sure I’ve used fill flash before, but trying to figure out how ETTL II works on multiple strobes that will be your primary light source is taking some doing.  Luckily, light is light and I’m getting up to speed pretty fast.

Oh yeah, I’m also learning Lightroom and there is always more to know about Photoshop.

My first project is something that I probably won’t be able to share with you guys for several years (exclusive product pix for an author), but I will be photographing Daddy Daughter Date Night at church next weekend.  This is something else brand new for me.  I am not an event photographer.  Heck, I haven’t even photographed people that much.  I’ve done mostly products.  It has been stressing me in a good way.  Pushing me to learn some specific stuff in a focused way.

Anytime anyone mentions photography, the top response is invariably about gear.  I am about 75% of the way done with a permanent gear page for the blog that I’ll use to list all of the equipment I’m using.  I may even include a one-sentence review of items once I’ve had time to use them more.  Look for this page to appear within the next couple of weeks.  My top priority is getting everything nailed down for Daddy Daughter first.

I just took a look at my most viewed articles of all time.  The beauty of a blog is that it can still be useful even when the author isn’t actively contributing.  I have a couple articles that are about to hit 10,000 views.  That is astounding to me.  I love the idea that I’m able to help so many people.

Here are the top 10 posts of all time by number of views (so older entries have a real advantage):
1.  What to Wear for The Mud Run
.  How to Train for the Mud Run
3.  How to Make a Quick and Easy Batwoman or Batgirl Costume
4.  How to Make a Quick and Easy Green Lantern Costume
.  Walls of Jericho: There and Back on the Alabama Trail
6.  Review: Hasbro Force FX Lightsabers with Removable Blades
7.  TotW: Gomme Syrup
8.  How to Recover a Bible
9.  What to do When Your Crucial SSD Suddenly Stops Working and Disappears
10.  TotW: Whiskey Sour

Here are more of my favorites:
Table Rock State Park, Waterfalls and Fall Foliage Pt 1 A fun trip and a useful guide.
Golden Ticket Number Two – Boxy I like any of the Golden Tickets.  There is another one on here and one more that still needs to be posted.  Just have to find the time.
It’s A Nice One My favorite thing I’ve written on this site.
100th Post and Sekrit Hint I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that there is still an open contest.


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